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Money School can be a great learning reward for all your valuable team members! Your company and staff should be aware of this outstanding educational tool.

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Learn to succeed by learning how to manage your money better.
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Money School can serve as a “modern day knowledge pension” offered by employers and company benefit programs. Our e-learning courses can help your team become (and feel) more secure and knowledgeable about wise money practices.

By including education for your employees on “how to” integrate the fundamentals of wealth building, wealth creation, and debt management knowledge into their own household financial wisdom, the extended value that is being received on payday effectively increases – for the benefit of all connected.

All 18 of our household money education e-learning courses (plus 3 bonus courses) can be purchased as a package for $795.00 per employee. That works out to approximately 21 – 84 hours of money-related education per employee.

Money School education benefits can be distributed to employees via our FINANCIAL HEALTH BENEFITS CARD, which includes their access code for our Money School E-Learning Center.

For more information about Money School education and how we can share valuable household money education knowledge for the benefit of your employees and their dependents, please contact Shawn Jordan at (403) 444-6863 or via email at

We can help your financial health.
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Money School Ltd. and 21 Steps to Recovery & Beyond Ltd. have combined synergies in wisdom and knowledge surrounding recovery and financial health & wellness to establish financial tele-health care services. Our financial health care telephone lines are the only ones of this kind, specifically designed to help financially challenged employees to successfully navigate through money-related perils.

Money School Financial Tele-Health Care services provide callers an unprecedented level of care, plus direction and solution-oriented guidance, tailored to suit the unique needs that surround individual financial circumstances and mental health and well being concerns related to money matters.

1-877-TRY-21STEPS Problematic Gambling Solutions
1-877-ACE-WEALTH Prosperity and Debt-Related Challenges

When Financial Tele-Health Care is combined with fundamental solutions and practice advice, it serves as an effective and efficient way of improving the state of financial health and wellness, for the benefit of all connected.

These services are available for $995 per covered life/year. To learn more about how to include Money School Financial Tele-HEALTH Care services as part of your employee health benefits package, please contact Shawn Jordan at (877) ACE-WEALTH or via email at

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